Know the Betting/gambling requirements

Free bonuses are already common in online casinos because they know that it is a way to attract potential players, so these occasional players become exclusive members of these casinos. One of the most promoted bonuses is the Bonus game, where the player is doubled what he deposits as a way to reward him, plus the bonus without deposit. The online casino simply gives the player more free money, a very effective way to get players to become active members of the casino.

But the casinos themselves had to stop the abuse of free bonuses due to the large losses they got, and then they realized the play made by the players when opening several accounts in a fraudulent way to obtain the benefit of the registration bonuses, which led to withdraw this promotion immediately.

It was then that new rules and conditions were implemented that served as a parameter for the entry of new players and the requirements to obtain their bonus; Although at first, I do not like this new regulation, it was necessary that the casinos apply it to protect themselves from frauds by the players. In the same way, these new rules do not affect the regular players of the casino.

How does it work?

There is a structure for the rules to the entry of new players, and the most common is that the bet/game is that you must bet a multiple of the amount of the initial deposit before you can withdraw the win in the first bet.

This multiple will vary depending on the casino, that is why this requirement must be read carefully by the player before going for his money or free bonus, even if they are looking for the biggest bonus. To find the requirements of the bets you must search among their terms and conditions, it will not be difficult for you to locate them.

An example

To be clear in what way this requirement is carried out, an example is given, if you have to bet 15x as a requirement, this means that you must bet value of 15 times the original amount of your deposit before you can withdraw.

Before you decide to retire you must have played a very high amount of original deposit. For example, if you were deposited $100 in a casino account, and you are given a bonus of 100% of your initial deposit in your bankroll, you will have a total of $200, with this amount you will begin to play, but if you decide to withdraw, according to the requirements He must have played a total of $1500 before being able to collect his prizes. As you see it is better to be aware of these rules before deciding to enter the game.

All these requirements in online casinos were born thanks to fraudulent players, and although it sounds harsh and makes you think more than once to become a member of an online casino, this is a way that casinos have to protect their money.

It also protects them from casual players who just want to have fun and do not register as member players. This is a way to capture really potential players from online casinos. They are aware of how addictive the games are, especially the slot machines, so they incentive with free spins and bonuses to get more players. With this, they are maintaining the constant inflow of money and at the same time protecting themselves from fraudulent players.

These requirements can also be several in some casinos, but usually, these are being compared to each other to see the amounts of the bonuses that are deposited and how much they must have bet to withdraw their winnings. Also, the slot machines have their own conditions as far as free spins are concerned, what is certain is that most online casinos are governed by rules and conditions that must be applied in each new member, and are general rules that all must comply to continue having a constant flow of profits. It is better to be aware of all the conditions of online casinos before deciding to be a member of one of them.