Border Delays And A Crash In House Prices Are The Main Risks Facing The Nz Economy

“This will have an impact on spending habits as belts are tightened and may see some mortgage-holders who bought holiday homes or investment properties radically rethink their assets,” he said. Further uncertainty for the housing market comes from ongoing disruptions to global supply chains, which have already affected construction projects here and will endure through 2022, if not longer. On the market front, a net 46 per cent of agents reported that fewer people turned up at auctions last month, indicating slowing buyer demand.

If you skip those steps, you’re just going to waste money building things that don’t work. Private developments have the same factors – ask a developer or subdivision company. Sorry, I was not sorry – when I applied for a mortgage at the BNZ in January 1981, I was told that the bank did not lend $$$ to women who were not married to purchase houses. My father had to sign the loan counter and we had to pretend that two of my brothers were going live in the house. This was to make it closer to University.

Housing Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

A substantial drop-off in demand relative to expectations combined with an increase in supply, rising interest rates, tighter lending restrictions and the uncertainty of Omicron means price cannot keep going up forever, he says. Tony believes that while we can focus on rising interest rates as a key driver for the housing market, with rates going up between 1.2 – 1.6% in the last 6-7 months, this isn’t the only factor. Investors should learn from the past, in Europe and the USA before the 2008 GFC. People walked into banks and laid out a plan for a building project and left with a loan. The result was an oversupply of empty, unsaleable property, a collapse of the banking and property industries, and a large number people going bankrupt.

Read more about more info here. She said that the increase in properties available and the subdued market are having a depressing effect on sales activity. Mortgage advisers say these constraints will knock back many aspiring borrowers, and Kerr says they will weigh heavily on the market. But economist Tony Alexander says the credit crunch should ease off a tad next year as banks learn how to handle the new rules. “Sales volumes appear to have peaked, and prices will continue to rise.” There was a 28 per cent increase in prices in our index over this calendar year, but next year it will probably increase by 5 per cent or less.

As Mortgage Interest Rates Rise, Household Debt Is A Concern

Northland and Taranaki have been the hottest regions over the quarter, recording value growth of 7.9 per cent and 6.7 per cent respectively. Waiheke Island, a popular Auckland holiday spot, was the exception. The Hauraki Gulf island was the top performer with15 per cent growth and a high volume of sales in the last quarter. The North Shore and central city suburbs were also subdued, with growth of between 3.3 per cent and 3.4 per cent.

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Peter Thompson, Barfoot & Thompson managing Director, announced that more price records were set, and that more than 200 places were purchased for $2 million or more. “As much as we want to get Kiwis into a home, I think we should tread carefully with the idea that we should have first home buyers taking on any level of debt, at any risk, just to get into the market,” Olsen says. Woods is positive about what she describes as “green shoots” in the market, with both record numbers of consents and an increase in the construction of multi-unit dwellings which offer both a more dense and affordable option for Kiwis. Predicting where the housing market will go in the future has been a fool’s game in recent years. Whiritoa in Hauraki had the highest quarterly growth with its average property worth increasing 23.8 percent to $1.088m.