Compare two sitcoms

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Last Saturday morning I was at Fiac, where I take English lessons, and my teacher (an American one and very funny) told us to watch two humour sitcoms. That’s 70’s show and Royal family. Where was the point? The point was that one is American and the other one is British. As you must know, they are very different. Of course, the next step was to make a composition comparing those sitcoms. The text below is the composition which I’m gonna give in to my teacher tomorrow. He said that he expects a very good one because of PCE’s very hard and doesn’t forgive… I hope it will be kind of right!
Send and e-mail to one of your friends, asking him if he agree or not with your opinion.

A British sitcom is not the same as an American one. Everybody is able to notice it only watching a few minutes of each one. I’ve just done it! I would like to share with you my point of view, because even though it’s in the same language (English), humour is not. Therefore, I reckon it’s an amazing point to discuss. Nevertheless, I’m Spanish and I might be wrong (I’m not used to watch British/American sitcoms), so this is how it works: I’ll jot some ideas down , tell me whether you agree or not and if I’m right or not!
In my case, I watched “That’s 70’s show” and “Royal family”. Both are focused on a family, but they ain’t the same. Which is the difference in each case? Our American family is more focused on their children gang and on what they do. On the other hand, in “Royal family”, parents are the main characters.
The most obvious thing between them is that everything is big in “That’s 70’s show”. I don’t mean big referring to size but power. The characters have a lot of money, a big house and a good car. On the other hand, Royal family is located in a little flat (or house), not very luxurious and simple. This determines the way they act: In “That’ 70’s show”, the producers want you to can’t help bursting out laughing every five seconds. They have money and no matter how expensive could be a gag, they can afford it. In “Royal family” you can be smiling for the entire episode, but they usually haven’t got as much money as an American sitcom and it makes them (the producers) be more subtle in their jokes. For example, in the first sitcom you can blow up a house (it could be funny), but it’s for sure that Royal Family producers won’t be able to afford it.
You can appreciate that they have to be very different to make you react in a different way even though they have kind of the same purpose. There are some people that think that British humour is more sophisticated and intelligent, and that the American is very poor, nonsense and for stupids. Personally, I think that American humour could be much less intelligent than British but when I want to relax my mind and spend a good time, I don’t want to make any effort to understand nothing. Furthermore, I love being with my friends with some crisps and a can of coke, laughing all together. Isn’t it funnier than be only smiling all the time? I hope so, and I know that it will depend on each person, but I do prefer American sitcoms. As if that weren’t enough, as we’ve said before, American producers use to have more money to spend and for that reason their shows use to be better too, because money can do whatever you want (in my opinion, of course!).
So, which sitcom do you prefer?